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“ Happiness is the key to success. If You love what you are doing, you will be successful" ~ Herman Chaire


- Inca -

Corcin Lady Red Ruby

FI & DK & LV & EE & SE & NORD CH  DKW-10 & LVW-11

Owner & Breeder Annika Falk
Inca in The Finnish Kennel Club's database




Caralon's Casper at Gaylord 

Perrymist Red Affair 

  Belroyd The Red Grouse 

Perrymist Lady in Red 

Schafferhaus Caralon Puffin 

Belroyd Seabird 

Schafferhaus Supersmooch 

Gaylord's Hi Hope 

Anwyl Winds O Change 

Belroyd Knight Flyer 

Anwyl Whirl Wind 

Gaylord's Finnish Affair

Annline's Well Done

Gaylord's Like Buttah 


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