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  ” There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.” 
~ Christopher Morley


Welcome to the website of Corcin Welsh Corgis!


My story with Welsh Corgis began at 1996, when I got my first Pembroke “Waltsu”( Ch. Trafox Waldor). We live in peaceful countryside Järvenpää, close to capital Helsinki in Southern Finland.

lauma.jpgAt the present we have seven corgis and Mudi at home. Dog shows all around fill up my calendar and it is a dear hobby of mine, but dogs are foremost beloved family members at our house.

I have completed Finnish Kennel Club’s basic course for breeders on May 2005, Corcin prefix was granted to me on May 2006. I had my very first litter at the end of the year 2005. This far I have bred five litters, including four champions and several CAC-winners.

Without friendship and co-operation none of us can really get forward. I want to thank You Larry Adams & David Guempel (kennel Gaylord USA) and Robin Robertson (Kennel Anwyl AUST) for support and sharing their knowledge of this lovely breed.

January 2014 we welcomed a new pack member into our home. A long-legged Hungarian Shepherd dog; Mudi puppy  "Zako". 

August 2015 "Csilla", another mudi, joined in pack.


..and the story continues, stay tuned for updates.

/Annika Falk